We were NYU students at the same time, graduated from the same department, walked through the same graduation ceremonies, and regularly played volleyball together on the same court one summer…and yet never met.

It took a glorious thing called the Internet to finally bring us together. In a brief, fleeting moment of sheer brilliance, Chelsea (online moniker: BlackDiamond) wrote Jim (online moniker: SportsGuy).

It was not his dashing good looks that initially struck her (his photo was taken from 5 miles away) or his poetry and prose (i.e. "I like eating good food") but rather the strong impression that she needed to write him. Immediately. And so without hesitation, she joined the online service and sent him the e-mail that started it all.

The connection was immediate. Jim first knew it was love when Chelsea expounded upon Egyptology and mountaineering. Chelsea knew Jim was The One when he did an online search with her name and read every single article she had ever written. Either that, or he was a stalker. Fortunately, he proved to be the former.

Theirs has been an overwhelming journey of love. The rest, as they say, is history. And will officially become recorded as such on February 15, 2005.

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