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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my information get onto my wedding website pages?

When you order your wedding website you will be given a password to use to login to your wedding website's BackOffice. The BackOffice is the section of the site that your guest don't see where you simply type into online form fields the text that will show up our your wedding website's pages. You can edit this information any time you want and as often as you want. There is no limit to the amount of information you can enter. Once that information is entered into the BackOffice it instantly goes live on your wedding website.

What will be the address (URL) of my wedding website?

You can choose the directory name for your wedding website and the domain name you want to use. For example, if your name is Joe and your bride's name is Jill then you could choose your directory name to be 'jillandjoe'. Then your wedding website address would be any of the following:

You can also add a domain name to your wedding website. A domain name might be something like

I'd like to order my own wedding website. How long will my site be hosted online?

Wedding websites, after the initial purchase, are live from 6 months to 36 months depending on the hosting plan you purchase. If you like to renew your site and add more time it can be done at any time after the initial purchase.

Can I purchase a domain name like for my wedding website?

Yes. There is a small additional charge, but you can easily add a domain name to your site by logging into your wedding website BackOffice and then clicking the 'Domain Name' navigation button. After purchasing a domain name it typically takes 48 hours for your domain name to go live.

How long does it take for my wedding website to go online?

Once you have gone through the two minute ordering process your site will be live instantly.

We would like for our wedding website to be memorialized on CD. Do you offer these kind of services?

Yes. We offer professional wedding website archiving to preserve your wedding website on CD.

How long does it take to setup my wedding website?

The average time it takes to enter in your information into the wedding website BackOffice, so all of your pages are fully populated, is about 40 minutes.

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  • Photo Slide Shows
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  • Customizable Wedding Day Details
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  • Wedding Day Countdown
  • Interactive Maps
  • Fun Our Story Page
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  • Optional Password Site Protection
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  • And Much, Much More!
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