Chelsea  Smith:
Born: Yes. Officially on February 20 to John and June in New York City.
Schooling: NYU Graduate, Journalism 1997. Expects full tuition refund for graduation with unbetrothed status.
College Highlights: NYU Egypt Study Abroad, graduating with unbetrothed status
Favorite Past times: Backpacking, hiking, skiing, volleyball, trail running, and keeping Jim on his toes whilst knocking his socks off (a very multifaceted process).
Favorite Things: Laughing, studying Egyptology, hanging with family and friends, playing the piano, and anything and everything with Jim at my side.
Family: John and June (parents), brothers Tyler (Jane) and Jake (Shannon). Subsequently suffers from O.S.S. (Only-Sister Syndrome), which often evolves into S.O.S. under dire circumstances.
Career: Professional Travel Writer. Prolific Publicist. Defender of Truth. Faithful Friend.
Career Aspirations: To one day become a really good kept woman. And to teach Jim and our future children how to keep up as we build a home of love and laughter.
Best self-descriptor: Fun-lovin'
Friend's best descriptor: Chelsea Murphy!! (progenitor of Murphy's Law).
What I love most about Jim:
1) His innate goodness
2) His hilarious sense of humor
3) His depth

Jim  Jones:
Born: He came into the world on a rainy December 9th in Boston, MA.
Schooling: NYU Graduate, Advertising 1997. Expects Chelsea to fully refund his tuition for not finding him quicker.
College Highlights: Getting NYU to waive the math requirement
Favorite Past times: Hiking, volleyball, basketball, watching loud movies, and being doted on by Chelsea.
Favorite Things: Studying hieroglyphics, friends, family, teasing people, sports, and Chelsea.
Family: Steven and Jill (parents), sisters Karen and Lisa, and brother Chris.
Career: Marketing Manager at Clear Image, self-employed Web Consultant, New Media Operations Manager at The New York Times, and part-time monkey trainer.
Career Aspirations: Become a full-time monkey trainer.
Best Self-descriptor: A sometimes quiet, usually laid back, opinionated tease
Friend's best descriptor: That guy who married that really good-looking babe
What I love most about Chelsea:
1) Her spirit and faith
2) Her hilarious sense of humor
3) Her zest for life

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